Powder-coating is an electro-static process where a negatively charged powder is sprayed with compressed air onto a positively charged object. In this way, the powder is attracted evenly onto the structure, even in the tightest corners.

As a supplement to automatic application, we often spray the spots that are difficult to reach manually. After applying the powder, the objects are spread out in an oven and baked at 200°C (object temperature), and then cooled and packaged.

Contrary to wet-painting, powder-coating does not need to dry, does not contain any solvents and is therefore an environmentally friendly process in which even the excess powder can be recovered. Other advantages are the hardness and the durability of the powder-coating. The aesthetic aspect is also a plus point.

Galvacoat Steelcoat can spray, chemically pre-treat and powder-coat your steel. We will pre-treat and powder-coat galvanized steel and aluminium. Metallizing and powder-coating are also possible in combination with Metalix.
Two-layer powder-coating is a breeze for Galvacoat Steelcoat. We have two booths and two ovens, so there is no need to convert from primer to final coat.

Our sizes:

  • 14,000 mm (l) x 3,000 mm (h) x 1,500 mm (w) – lifting capacity of 4 ton
  • 8,000 mm (l) x 3,000 mm (h) x 3,200 mm (w)

Depending on the circumstances, we coat your pieces with zinc-rich powder, epoxy powder or, by default, with polyester powder. Polyester powder is the most common because of its resistance to UV and weather. For more aggressive environments, priming with an epoxy powder offers a better chemical resistance.
For the most common colours, we also use low-bake powders that off er the following advantages:

  • Because of the lower baking temperature, there is less degassing of the substratum, making it a cleaner coating
  • An increased hardness of the surface, making it more scratch-resistant
  • 50% better coating of the edges
  • Better blanching resistance (less absorption of moisture)
  • Increased outdoor resistance. The UV resistance is comparable to that of a standard polyester powder but with a better colour and gloss retention as a result.
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